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Author/Publisher Gayle "Delicious" Johnson

Read Me my life is an open book.


About Us

Gayle "Delicious" Johnson is an author,ghost writer, poet and the founder of her own independent publishing company. With five published books under her belt she is now working on her sixth and seventh book. Gayle will continue to write it is her number one passion. Gayle's passion for the literary arena has prompted her to start her own publishing company. Armed with faith, prayer and determination in 2012 inspired by her deceased mother Jean E. Johnson, Jay Jay Publishing Company was launched.

Jay Jay Publishing Company offers a variety of services to fit the new or seasoned author’s budget where there are no hidden fees. Gayle, display's a professional and business attitude towards her clients while treating them with dignity and respect. Gayle’s, mission is to make the first time as well as seasoned author’s use of Jay Jay Publishing Company a most beneficial and memorable experience.

Our Team

 GRAPHIC DESIGNER- Donna Osborn Clark

Donna Osborn Clark is a visual artist specializing in multiple mediums. Her art is filled with the spiritual essence that flows from her heart. She was born in central Indiana in 1963 and today lives just south of Indianapolis, IN with her husband and sons. Self taught with no formal training working with only the gifts God has given her, she was told she started creating as early as several months’ old, finger painting with the green beans on her high chair table and from the first time she held a crayon there was no stopping her.

   EDITOR- Jim Swettenham

Jim Swettenham is an award-winning journalist with many years’ experience as a newspaper editor, as well as having edited a number of book manuscripts.

   INTAKE COORDINATOR-Neenah Jordon Kelliebrew

Neenah Jordan Kelliebrew is dependable, with high integrity, motivator, and enjoys working hard. She is a critical thinker and continuously strives for excellence in her work. She has superior organization, intelligent, responsible honest and reliable. Neenah Jordan Kelliebrew is polished in professional mannerisms with an excellent, outgoing personality and strives for excellence in her work. She is extremely organized, creative and reliable with excellent computer skills.

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