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Author/Publisher Gayle "Delicious" Johnson

Read Me my life is an open book.


I am the type of person who believes all things happen for a reason. There are no coincidences in life. For every action there is a reaction. I've trained myself to think and act positive. I blame no one for my short comings. I'm the one responsible for my own destiny. I have to be alert, in good health, have faith, hope, a sound mind and a AGAPE-GOD like love for myself. I know that all my set backs are only set ups for my come back...Look out world here I am.

I am powerful and I am loved.

If ever I fall down I get right back up.

I am intelligent.

I am creative.

I eat healthy food.

I enjoy life.

I'm unstoppable.

I am generous.

I deserve the best.

I have courage.

I keep balance in my life.

I believe in myself.

I have desires and passion.

I have purpose.

I am a winner.

I am an achiever.

I love and value my family.

I have inner peace.

I create achievements.

I am enthusiastic.

I enjoy meeting new people.

I only focus on my successes.

I look for the best in every situation.

I only focus my power on things that empower me.

I approach each day with love in my heart.

I rejoice in the success of others.

I am high on life.

I change a negative to positive.

I am a go getter.

I am my own boss. 


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