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Author/Publisher Gayle "Delicious" Johnson

Read Me my life is an open book.

Gayle's Latest Book

A tale about Anthony Thomas, a man who lost the most precious things in his life. Starting with his first childhood love Gloria. Tragedy soon followed after losing his mom to cancer and shortly there after he lost his wife Lynn and son Junior in a horrific car crash. With each traumatic incident Anthony was branded sending him Back 2 Zero.

Thirty years later Anthony runs into Gloria and the flames in their hearts are still burning. Gloria, now a law enforcement official also comes with baggage; a psychotic husband named Wayne Anderson who is out of control. Also a law enforcement official that's abusive, jealous and an alcoholic. Wayne treats Gloria miserable!

While snooping behind his wife he finds out that she had researched information concerning Anthony on the Internet. Wayne goes into a rage of madness like a rabid dog because in his sick twisted mind he, feels threatened and accuses Gloria of sleeping with Anthony.

Often he would evict her from the house but not realizing the night would come when he forces his wife straight into the arms of Anthony.

After spending an intense earth shattering night of love making Gloria opens up and confesses to Anthony that she still loves him. Rekindling their relationship is dangerous and Wayne will stop at nothing to make his wife and her first love’s life a miserable hell while fighting his own demons.

Wayne harbors a deep dark and deadly secret, one he thought only he and the devil knew. Find out what happens when Gloria uncovers the truth about her abusive, lawless husband’s mysterious past. The devastation will bring the three of them together in an explosive confrontation.

Find out the shocking secrets Wayne harbored and prepare yourself for who will pay the ultimate price for his lawless actions. “Back 2 Zero” will take you there where the “law" becomes the abuser ©Gayle Delicious Johnson 2013

Order this fast paced action packed filled drama by bestselling author Gayle Delicious Johnson from her webstore on this site.

Gayle's 5th book "Back 2 Zero" is her first book published under her own company Jay Jay publishing. Gayle is so passionate about this book because she too is a survivor of sexual abuse and domestic violence.

Book Cover designed by Donna Osborn Clark 

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