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Author/Publisher Gayle "Delicious" Johnson

Read Me my life is an open book.

Reviews for "What's Past Is Not Forgotten"

Rave Reviews… “What’s Past Is Not Forgotten”

Real life characters and story that reads like a movie, October 25, 2009

Matthew Arnold "author of The Shattered Silence

The characters are well developed before the drama unfolds so it is all strongly conveyed and realistic.

This novel gave me an inside view and I feel enriched having read it. The author brought genuine characters to life and told an engaging story about them.

AAMBC Book Reviews, April 26, 2009

African Americans on the Move Book Club

The main thing that I enjoyed more that the twists and turns that were consisted and many, were the fact that I wasn't bored at all. I was constantly wondering what next? Yes,

The book was a page turner that left me breathless and wanting more and more.

Yes, Gayle you can write girl.

Readers With Attitude Book-club

This book speaks on how past situations always resurface no matter how deep you try to bury them. I liked the fact that there was drama throughout the book which always came back up to give you something to look forward to during the read.

A well written novel April 23 2009

Million Dollar Book Reviews

When I started reading her book my attention was immediately grabbed. What's Past Is Not Forgotten is a book that's written well. Author Gayle "De-licious" Johnson did a great job reconstructing the relationship of two best friends from past to present.

I give this book 4 diamonds!! <> <> <> <>

What’s Past is Not Forgotten.

- ML Jacobs, Author,Publisher

What I loved about this novel is the way author Johnson describes the intricate relationships between the characters so well. The story is very easy to follow and is unpredictable.

D. Stylz


Gayle ‘De-Licious’ Johnson has composed an excellent yarn of divergence and growth. There is Death here. There is also Life and Growth, Redemption, and Perseverance.

A succulent read, this morsel satisfies like bowl of warm cobbler, draped in a dollop of your favorite topping.

Duane Tony Crockett

This book is amazing! I couldn't put it down! The story is about friendship, trust, pain, loss, love, concern, excitement...all wrapped up into one. Lots of twists and turns. I am tempted to tell you spoilers but you should buy this book and read it. I read it twice! This is a must read Great job De-licious…can’t wait for part two of this book!!!

What I like about her writing is that she does not hold back, she really can put you right there, no matter what kind of situation the characters find themselves in.

This book was truly a good read

Reggie Dennis, Author

Denver, CO.


Review For "You Might Get Lucky"

5.0 out of 5 stars Deliciously SCANDALOUS!, June 19, 2010

By This review is from: You Might Get Lucky (Paperback)

don't even know where to start with my review of this book! The only words that keep coming back to me are the main character Robert "Lucky" Cole's final words in the book..."Karma is a BYTCH", whheeew!

The Author of this book out does her last publication "What's Past is Not Forgotten" in providing her reader with non stop drama and suspense. She also captivated me by tackling a well guarded crime of "Male on Male Rape" and, the thought process men go through with dealing with the anger, embarrassment, pain and resentment of being a victim of that crime, while still trying to develop relationships after the traumatic incident. My hat goes off to the Ms. Johnson for shedding light on this much too often thought taboo subject.

Gayle also indulges the reader with very explicit erotic scenes. This is NOT a book to give to Grandma for Mother's Day! The erotica is graphic! Ms. Johnson holds nothing back in her sophomore publication and this book is a must have for readers interested in an exiting, yet dramatic read!

"You Might Get Lucky" is definitely a "NO HOLDS BARRED AND SCANDALOUS" adventure!!!!

5.0 out of 5 stars You Might Get Lucky, May 12, 2011


This review is from: You Might Get Lucky (Paperback)

I think that You Might Get Lucky by Gayle "Delicious" Johnson is hands down one of the best books I have ever read.

I personally would nominate this book for the New York Times Best Sellers list.

From Start to Finish her book is full of action and suspense.

Absolutely a 5 star rating for Gayle Johnson's book You Might Get Lucky, from Lawrence J. King


Most people would love to get lucky, but, If we are speaking of foster care reared, Robert Cole, aka Lucky, not so much. At least, not in Gayle Johnson’s extraordinary novel, “You Might Get Lucky”. What makes this book enjoyable is that it breaks free from the restraints of the stereotypical trends where Church and God is an immediate fix all. In “You Might Get Lucky,” flawed character, Lucky, an orphaned kid survived years of ‘technically incestuous’ sexual and mental abuse to become a loving husband, and God fearing man

On a certain Sunday up jumps the devil and Lucky finds that he must reach out to his miserable past in order to move forward. This is one of the choices this character makes that makes him so real, so relatable, and revered by readers. He was honest enough with himself to go against the grand, recognize and act, verses staying in a stagnate phase that was eating a way at his soul and keeping him from fully embracing Gods desired actions. Unfortunately, he struggles to maintain his relationship with all of the fixtures in his life. Whereas most people in the heat of a sermon would gain strength and solace, something else gets sparked in Lucky, and that is a hearty, but equally unhealthy appetite for revenge against a particular member of his adopted family.

Some would just stay in first gear, going through the motions, unable to get to the finish line of forgiveness. But, instead of standing still and allowing God to do his bidding, he becomes resolute in his desire to revisit a past ripe with wrongs, abuse and a mountain of betrayals.

The suspense is all that more elevated because of the author’s jab for jab writing style. As we go through the fire with Lucky, we learn that for some, giving forgiveness comes with a prerequisite, pay back 101.


Prepared By          Vanessa Morman ______________________________

                        FeSaad Reader/Editor

Approved By        Signed off______________________________________

                        FeSaad Publisher, Marcko Gervin

You Might Get Lucky

My hats off to you

By SweetReadz on October 12, 2013

Format: Paperback

Just in time for domestic Violence month I read this book that had been on my shelf to read for several weeks. As a victim and survivor of DV and an advocate for it being brought to the light I was impressed by the author, not only shedding a light on DV, but the all too closeted Male Rape. BRAVO!!! This book is sure to keep your interest, you reading page after page, and not wanting to put it down.

I now can’t wait to read the next book on my shelf, Back 2 Zero, by The same author!

We need more authors willing to press the boundaries and expose the truths through written words!

Reviews For Back 2 Zero

Torey Scott <[email protected]>                                       11:20 AM (2 hours ago)

to me

What a great book!!!

I loved how Anthony was actually a great guy that knew what he wanted, had no time for games. He wanted Gloria and once she came back into his life, he was determined to not let her get away. The twist and turns that this book has, kept me wanting more. All I can say is that this a great book and should teach women not to deal with domestic abuse and yes, verbal abuse will lead to something more tragic. Great job by the Author Gayle Delicious Johnson!!! I will definitely pick up her other books and support more books by Author Gayle Delicious Johnson!!! Great job

Sent from Yahoo! Mail on Android

Back 2 Zero

Jacqueline Dorsey <[email protected]>        Oct 8 (2 days ago)

to me

Back 2 Zero is a raw, gritty, action packed, drama filled book with a real life situation that is all too familiar and it goes unnoticed by many. The fast pace of the book made it hard for me to put down. I put it down only to get sleep. I could have completed the book in 1 day.

The language is what makes it raw and gritty. It is not for the squeamish or the holier than thou.

This book is very relateable to me because I too am a survivor of domestic abuse and sexual abuse at the hands of my first husband which is also my ex-husband. As I read each page, I saw my life story unfold. I was wondering if you (Gayle Delicious Johnson) were inside my head when you wrote this book. I was Gloria Anderson for a while but by the Grace of God, I survived the ordeal and would share my story with any victim who feels that they cannot make it on their own.

I would recommend your book to anyone who enjoys reading and wants to learn more about how domestic abuse can take innocent lives and destroy those that have survived without the help of counseling.

Is it possible that a part two is coming in the near future or this is it? I could see part two with Anthony Thomas' character being the main focus and catching up with the other characters dealing with life after the death of Gloria Anderson.

I truly enjoyed this book. When I get some more free time, I will read it again or loan it to someone who wants to read it. Better still, encourage them to buy it.


Angela Wilson <[email protected]>    1:10 AM (55 minutes ago)

to me

Back 2 Zero, by Gayle Johnson is an excellent read. This is one of the easiest reviews that I had the pleasure of writing once I opened the first page it was hard for me to put it down by the mid-day on the second day I had completed the entire book! I found myself on an emotional roller coaster gripping and bracing myself for the ride that I sensed was coming and even I couldn't prepare me! This book message that the author Gayle Johnson shares I know will be received by all who read it. Job well done!! I give it 5 stars and I can't wait to read another book by her! Loved, loved it!!!

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